Mini demolition- and sorting grabs

DEMAREC mini demolition and sorting grabs are extremely suitable for use in demolition, recycling and general activities. Whether you need it for renovation demolition, damage due to fire or digging up bushes, the small useful tool always comes in handy.

Moreover the use of a mini demolition and sorting grab saves time and manpower, and increases safety during work.

DRG 9 DD 005DemaDrive-System

This unique and fully maintenance-free grab concept, with its compact design and long service life, is a cutting-edge innovation for the demolition and recycling market. The patented DemaDrive-System delivers a constant closing force. The perforated shells provide an excellent view of the work in progress and have a high strength to weight ratio. The sealed DemaDrive-System makes sure the hydraulics are fully protected. Moreover, the grab is equipped with a load safety valve to ensure safety during the work. Naturally, the grab is also fitted with exchangeable bolt-on blades.

Selector Grabs

The by DEMAREC introduced Selector grabs are a standard to the market nowadays. This proven concept can be widely applied for demolition, recycling and other applications. These grabs have already proven themselves and are in use at many prominent companies in the demolition and recycling industry.