DEMAREC RC-30 Rail Cutter

The mobile DEMAREC Rail Cutter RC-30 is a special development for the controlled demolition of rail systems and for the scrap preparation of railway lines. All current Vignol rails (flat bottom rails) with a standard quality up to 900 N/ mm2 and a profile size „S7“ to „UIC 60“ can be cut. Vignol rails in special qualities exceeding 900 N/mm2 or with head hardening are excluded. The wear of the cutters highly depends on the quality of the rails. Cutting rails with a ordinary scrap shear is a risky task because of the flying scrap. With the Demarec Railcutter it is possible to cut safely and efficiently. The RC-30 is fully rotatable but there is also a static Railcutter available.







DEMAREC Rail Cutter RC-30, France


DEMAREC RC-30 | Rail Cutter | Cutting 136 / R60






Main Features

  • DemaPower-cylinder technique
  • DemaSafety-System
  • Extremely robust upper and lower jaw (Hituff)
  • Shear body made of high-strenght fine grained steel
  • Overdimensioned pivot point
  • Cutting blades are reversible
  • 360° heavy duty rotation (or without rotation)
  • Filters in rotation circuit






Technical data DEMAREC Rail cutter 

Type  Baggerdiensgewicht*


Länge Maulweite Maultiefe
RC-30 20 - 35 ton 2650 kg 2234 mm 224 mm 190 mm


Type  Baggerdienstgewicht*


Länge Maulweite Maultiefe
RC-30-S 20 - 35 ton 2300 kg 2040 mm 224 mm 190 mm

*Gewichte verstehen sich als Hinweise
**Gewicht gilt ohne Aufnahme


Type              Öffnen/ Schießen Pmax             Öldurchfluß Rotation Pmax


RC-30 320 bar 150 - 120 l/min 140 bar 40 - 60 l/min
RC-30-S     320 bar 150 - 120 l/min - -