Robust Innovation = Low total cost of ownership.

The pulverizer model has been developed for secondary demolition, breaking-up the concrete and freeing reinforcing steel from it. Pulverising at the demolition site reduces the costs of transport and recycling. But this power crusher is just as efficient at the recycling plant.

Optimal jaw construction
The upper jaw has a ground tooth plate that has two front teeth which ensure outstanding penetration into the concrete. The front teeth go between the shrouds in the lower jaw, so the reinforcing steel is always separated optimally from the concrete. DEMAREC pulverisers are supplied without cutting blades as standard. This means that the reinforcing steel can be optimally separated from the concrete without mall pieces of steel being cut off.

Exchangeable wear parts
Unique to DEMAREC pulverisers is that the lower and upper clamping jaws are made entirely of exchangeable wear parts. This renders welding-on virtually unnecessary and prevents fatigue of the parent material. The movable jaw is fitted with an exchangeable ground tooth plate, which in turn is fitted with two exchangeable teeth. The fixed jaw is fitted with exchangeable scraping teeth. The shrouds in the fixed jaw can not only be exchanged but also turned. DEMAREC pulverisers are therefore extremely cost-effective to use.

The version of the DSP-series is equipped with the "well known" DemaPower-System!

This new cylinder technique has been developed in house at DEMAREC. The DemaPower-System has a double-action differential technique, which means the pulveriser has extremely fast cycle times. The jaw can open and close in 5 seconds. Furthermore the cylinder has 20% more power than conventionally constructed cylinders thanks to the application of 4 pressure chambers in the cylinder. This gives an enormous increase in working capacity of as much as 30%.

This means you can choose either the same weight as the pulveriser with a higher capacity or a lighter DEMAREC pulveriser in combination with a lighter excavator while retaining capacity. Therefore DEMAREC can always offer an extremely economical solution.



DEMAREC Static Pulverizer DSP-45-Extreme


DEMAREC Static Pulverizers | DSP-60


Main Features

  • Excelent speed & power to weight ratio
  • Exchangeable wear parts
  • Overdimensioned pivot point
  • Standard without cutting blades (can be ordered as an option)
  • Robust pivot points of the cylinder
  • Speed valve in both directions; cylinder in and cylinder out
  • Exchanging of wearparts on site
  • Unmatched speed and power from the DemaPower-System ( version)
  • DemaSafety-System


Also available in rotating version!


Technical data DEMAREC pulverizers

Technical data DEMAREC pulverizers
Type  Carrier weight* Weight** Closing force front tooth (ca.) Jaw opening  Width upper jaw  Width lower jaw 


Length       Length of cutting blades***
DSP-30 20 - 35 Ton 2135 Kg 80/125 t 885 mm 350 mm 490 mm 840 mm 2145 mm 200 mm
DSP-30 20 - 35 Ton 2115 Kg 100/150 t 885 mm 350 mm 490 mm 840 mm 2145 mm 200 mm
DSP-45 30 - 50 Ton 2670 Kg 110/150 t 1015 mm 400 mm 525 mm 900 mm 2360 mm 200 mm
DSP-45 30 - 50 Ton 2645 Kg 130/185 t 1015 mm 400 mm 525 mm 900 mm 2360 mm 200 mm
DSP-60 42 - 65 Ton 3525 Kg 150/205 t 1135 mm 450 mm 565 mm 1000 mm 2635 mm 200 mm



Type Opening / Closing Pmax Flow Opening / Closing
DSP-30 380 Bar 150 - 250 l/min 2,5/2,5 sec
380 Bar 150 - 250 l/min 2,0/2,3 sec
DSP-45 380 Bar 200 - 300 l/min 2,6/2,9 sec
380 Bar 200 - 300 l/min 2,0/2,9 sec
380 Bar 300 - 400 l/min 2,0/2,8 sec


* Depending on capacity of carrier ** Weight excluding bracket *** Optonal

Subject to change without notice