why demarec
Why Demarec: State of the art equipment for sustainable demolition and recycling

DEMAREC, part of the KINSHOFER GROUP since 2006, is one of the top manufacturer of equipment for the demolition and recycling industry.

With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, DEMAREC has been successful in perfectly combining market knowledge with technology expertise. DEMAREC develops its products with a clear vision in mind, with a focus on favourable operating costs, an excellent price-quality ratio, unique performance, a high level of service, design and low maintenance costs. By also listening attentively to users and consumers, innovations emerge that have a genuine added value. Since day one, this has always been one of DEMAREC’s most important objectives. Like no other, DEMAREC has mastered the art of turning wishes into high-quality and reliable products.




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Demarec products:

When developing its products, DEMAREC is not afraid to fear off the well-trodden path. Out of the box thinking and the use of techniques and constructions never used before make DEMAREC a unique player in the market. The development of products is being done completely indoors. That is why Demarec products are unique and carry the values of Demarec.

Demarec also has a range of used products. We take over '' old '' Demarec products and overhaul them until they are fully usable and feel like new



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