DEMAREC Shear XS-700

Robust Innovation = Low total cost of ownership.

The DEMAREC Shear XS-700 is an extremely strong tool for scrapping. This tool with 360° rotation can be used for a wide variety of jobs including steel structure demolition, scrap  yards and the handling of mixed industrial wastes like cabling or tanks. Cutting steel is no problem for the XS-700 and when scrapping automotives or steel constructions, this tool will be your perfect assistant!






  • Greasable pivot point designed to minimize distortion forces
  • Inverted cylinder mount for optimal protection
  • Large, heavy duty bearings
  • Housing made of wear-resistant, fine-grained steel
  • Main cutting blades are reversible
  • 360° endless rotation

Technical data DEMAREC Shear with 360°-Rotation

Technical data DEMAREC Shear with 360°-Rotation
Type  Weight* Length A* Jaw opening B Jaw depth C Primary cutter Length Cutting force** Operating Weight [boom] Operating Weight [dipper]
XS-700 1250 kg 2690 mm 350 mm 410 mm 200 mm 1613 kn 10 - 14 ton 14 - 18 ton



Type  Opening/Close Pmax Flow Rotatie Pmax Flow back pressure max. Cyclustime Open/ Close
XS-700 350 bar 100 - 160 l/min 180 bar 6 - 8 l/min - 1,5 / 2,8 sec

* Excl. adaptor/ ** hydraulical cylinder with speed valve.
Subject to change without notice.