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DEMAREC, part of the KINSHOFER GROUP since 2006, is one of the top manufacturer of equipment for the demolition and recycling industry.

With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, DEMAREC has been successful in perfectly combining market knowledge with technology expertise. DEMAREC develops its products with a clear vision in mind, with a focus on favourable operating costs, an excellent price-quality ratio, unique performance, a high level of service, design and low maintenance costs. 



Demarec Smart Choice

Demarec smart choice is the performance promise of a strong brand. It stands out for our product promises as well as matured and ground-breaking technologies that guarantee the user efficienty, stability, strength, speed and serviceability.

The key elements of DEMAREC Smart Choice:

  • Optimum weight ratio and a performance that results in low fuel consumption; large jaw opening, large depth of jaws and highest closing force
  • DemaPower-system; 20% more powerand extremly fast
  • Low fuel consumption through the DemaPower-system
  • More power and extremely fast cycle times
  • A continuous search for innovations by listening attentively to the market 
  • Sustainability
  • A customer friendly attitude
  • Low cost of ownership


Demarec visits Laarakkers

Demarec has visited Laarakkers.
Laarakkers has taken two new products of Demarec into service(DRG&MQP-D)!
Demarec had to be there to celebrate it with Laarakkers.
Watch the photos below:




Demarec & Knijnenburg demolish wood trade!

Demarec has visited a project of Knijnenburg in the Hague.
Knijnenburg was busy demolishing a large warehouse that has been used for wood trade.
Of course this is only possible with the machines of Knijnenburg and the tools of Demarec!
Watch the photos below:



Demarec & Lagemaat working together!

Lagemaat has taken the Komatsu 390 HRD into service. The first ever that is taken into service in Europe!
Ofcourse we of Demarec must attend this because this big beast is working with one of our tools, namely the MQP. Because of the extra long gripping arm and the MQP, the demolition of this old school building in Meppel, is not a problem.
Watch the photos below:


  Bewerkt 4  

Sneak peek: DCC-75

The 2-cylinder concrete crusher has been specially developed to cut concrete of the highest quality.
The DCC-75 has got 25% more cutting force in comparison to similar models, because of the specially developed DemaPower 2.0. Want to take a first look at the new concrete crusher of Demarec, the DCC-75?
Watch the preview below:

Video teaser screenshot





Infra Relatiedagen                                                                        

Infra Relatiedagen 2018

Demarec will be attending the Infra Relatiedagen 2018      

Datum: 6 - 8 February 2018

Location: Hardenberg, Netherlands

Intermat 2018

Demarec will be attending the Intermat 2018    

Date: 23 April - 28 April 2018

Location: Paris, France



TKD 300 x 250 px

TKD 2018

Demarec will be attending the Technische kontakt dagen 2018    

Date: 31 May - 2 June 2018

Location: Almere, Netherlands

Video teaser screenshotDCC-75 Teaser
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NOX Tiltrotator by Kinshofer
Watch video


DEMAREC MQP 30 E(xtreme)
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Hitachi ZX 870 LCR with a DEMAREC MQP 60
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DEMAREC  Rail cutter - RC30
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DEMAREC  DemaTrade OilQuick
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